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Mahavisnu Re-Defined     ESC Record 2008 (Germany)
La maison de disque ESC Records propose un double CD en hommage à John Mac Laughlin et au Mahavishnu Orchestra, produit par Ulrich Vormehr, avec Gary Husband, NGuyen Le, Pascal Bournet,  Mitchel Forman, Billy Cobham, Mahavishnu Project, etc.
Pascal Bournet y intérprète sa version de "Guardian Angel" pour guitare seule et un arrangement pour guitare et violon de "Open Country Joy" en duo avec Enrique Alberti.
"Not many classical guitar players out there can express emotion through the instrument the way Frenchmann Pascal Bournet does. It is amazing how effortlessly Pascal make this tune sound so simple".
By John Kelman
...There are unique reworks of McLaughlin material, ranging from acoustic guitarist Pascal Bournet's challenging look at "Guardian Angels," from McLaughlin's Electric Dreams (Columbia, 1978) and, in duet with cellist Enrique Alberti, a joyous version of Birds of Fire's countrified "Open Country Joy," to MO drummer Billy Cobham's HR Big Band collaboration on a swinging version of the 1975 Columbia date, Visions of the Emerald Beyond's "Eternity's Breath."